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I love music.
19 years old.
My name is Maryanne (:
Nice to meet you.


i actually feed on intelligence

i love it when people know a lot about a lot of things

about music, films, religion, beliefs, history

i love listening to peoples opinions 

i love big words

i want to suck in all these smart things like a sponge


Hey! So here’s the deal— EXO BWCW shop is said to be extended into February of next year according to [this post]! I’ll be in Korea starting November 20th and with holidays around the corner, I figure this is a perfect opporunity to dive into the spirit of giving. Why? Because shit gets really tough in life but at the end of every day, Ive always been able to smile when scrolling through my dashboard and seeing all the stupid-ass edits and jokes within the EXOtic fandom. Everyone on tumblr has helped pull me through the year so I want to give something back if I can.
I know many of you, including myself, have been eyeing BWCW merchandise with hopeless sighs, so I figured—why not! Let’s host a giveaway, winner gets something from the BWCW store for the Holidays!.

Any item of your choice from the BWCW store. If you want to see what is available, these posts have a pretty good list [x] [x] [x]
Price doesnt matter because I’ve worked hard all year and I do what I want with my money. (That said, please don’t choose Sehuns bike)
If the winner picks a less expensive item, I will pick a second winner as well! Maybe a third too!


Giveaway ends: 00:00 MIDNIGHT, Refer to my blog for details !!!


You don’t have to follow, you probably wont like my blog anyway, I talk a lot.
Like, and Reblog as many times as you want. Every “note” goes into a randomized list generator and form that I will pick a random number. I’ll post screenshots and all that of the winner selection process
Giveaway blogs don’t count. I’ll check blogs when pulling winners just to be sure.


Winner is given 24 hours to respond because I am on a deadline and need to contact the winner (potential multiple winners) and need time to actually go buy the items!
Giveaway is International! I’ll ship world wide!
If you enter, please keep you ask/inbox open! I’ll contact you twice within 24 hours because I know tumblr loses messages all the time, but if I can’t contact you, I’ll have to move onto the next winner.
I’ll ask the winner to name three items, incase something is sold out!
REGARDING THE STORE POTENTIALLY BEING CLOSED: I’m pretty sure the BWCW store is still open, but I’m getting mixed answers. Posts around say it was extended to February. No one seems to clearly know if the store is truly open or not, and EXO was just filming in there about two days ago, right? That said— If I arrive in Korea to find it closed, or if someone in the meantime can give me a definitely answer—- the giveaway still stands and I’ll buy your item offline ^^ I guess that sounds flimsy but I’m determined xD Winners are getting a BWCW/EXO gift of their choice for the holidays and that’s final!

Any questions, please ask-! Happy Holidays!

most #EMAzing artist

[VIDEO] Sungyeol - “Please Remember, Princess (Love Poten)” Episode 3 on DaumPot —



130609 <L’s Bravo Viewtiful> Fansign Event in Yeouido©나무엘 // Do not edit.

WOOFUCKINGJIHO’S SIXTH (wow not again this girl is a fckn loser) GIVEAWAY!
wow hello my bank account is screaming in agony and pain i will not hold a giveaway for The Next 56 Years
Okay, so this is the giveaway that you’ve all been waiting for isn’t it? Haha. When Block B came back this month with “Very Good”, I promised a giveaway with the “Very Good” mini-album for every win they got on music shows…well, they finally did it! They got a win on a music show, and to top it all off, this comeback period was virtually scandal-less and nothing earth shattering happened to them (thank based god Seven Seasons). So, to celebrate this great fortune, I’ve decided to hold an even bigger giveaway than originally intended. Guess what I’m giving away?
A whole Block B collectors set! Meaning this set includes all of Block B’s albums, excluding the limited edition of Blockbuster (that thing sold out so fast I was like yOOOoOOoOO)~
Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:
1st Mini Album - New Kids on the Block
2nd Mini Album - Welcome to the Block
2nd Mini Album - Welcome to the Block {Limited Edition}
2nd Mini Album - Welcome to the Block Re:package {includes three huge photocards of three Block B members!}
1st Full Album - Blockbuster (regular)
3rd Mini Album - Very Good + poster in tube [*UKWON VOICE* “HELL YEA”]
Block B “NalinA” Japanese DVD Set (includes album, behind the scenes DVD, dance practice DVD, photocard set, full color photobook (IT’S BEAUTIFUL), mini “diary”, lyrics booklet, and a folded poster)
BBC World Camp DVD + full color photobook
A pair of {black} Block B logo earrings! {here}
Two block b pins, a set of Block B stickers (Tell Them era), a Block B lanyard (black with the logo and “block b” written in Quer font)
"Very Good" Showcase T-shirt! {here}
It was an actual pain finding new copies of “New Kids on the Block” and “Blockbuster” since they’ve gone out of print completely, but I managed to dig them out after a lot of hours of hard work and sweat and nervous tears sobs So keeping that in mind, please read all the rules properly.
For this giveaway, there will be only one winner. I can’t afford to have more than one winner, I’m sorry!! ;;

Giveaway begins: November 2nd, 2013

Giveaway ends: November 30th, 2013
Make sure to read the rules carefully because if you don’t you will lose your chance to win. It’s happened before!

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